GuysLikeU talks to the gorgeous PT, Josh Watson, who turned our heads on this year’s Big Brother!

Say what you like about Big Brother, but this recent series has been brilliant! It’s had thrills and spills, spats and twats and, more importantly, its fair share of eye candy for us to feast on.

And while we were happy enough to perve on regular housemates Andy, Hughie, Alex and Jackson for the first few weeks, we just couldn’t believe our peepers when Emma Jensen’s fitness trainer boyfriend Josh Watson waltzed into the house, looking like a flaming Adonis.

His time on the show may have been brief, but once his shirt came off to reveal that insanely sculpted physique of his, he was engrained in our memories forever.

Naturally enough, we at GuysLikeU simply had to get our hands on the fella for a chinwag and to clock eyes on that physique for ourselves! And we weren’t disappointed!  Here, the handsome chappy reveals how he achieved that astonishing body, what life was like in the Big Brother house and what life is like now he’s back on the market! 

After a heavy weekend in #london I'm glad to be back in Devon , big week next week. BRING IT 🌅🌄

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Josh, you really made our summer when you walked into that Big Brother house! Your body is insane! Congratulations and thank you….
Thanks so much, that means a lot, it was a lot of fun.

What kind of reactions have you had since you’ve been on the show – any saucy messages from fans?

It’s been  pretty much all positive! It’s really helped my online coaching business and social media reach, but I have have a few interesting snapchats to say the least!

How long did it take to get a body like that?

I started with Judo at nine years old then got into training in the gym at 15 and competing in BDFPA (British Drug Free Powerlifting Association) so in terms of training for strength and physique around eight years now.

Were you a skinny guy when you were younger? Did you have body insecurities when you were younger?

I was tall and slim but athletic. Judo really helped my confidence so I didn’t really have many problems at school. I was always taught from a young age to be humble and confident in my own ability focusing on what I do have rather than wishing I had something else. I thinking bearing this in mind in my younger years was a real blessing.

What made you suddenly start to transform your bod?

I originally started training with my dad at 15. It really brought us closer together without him I wouldn’t have even thought of going to the gym so I have him to thank for that.

Good morning people (also it's leg day 🙂 )🌅😁🤗😁🤗

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Does having such a sculpted body give you confidence? 

I feel that there are pros and cons to being in this game. For me the negative is the obsession of alway striving to be leaner or stronger, it feels like it’s a never ending battle! But, yes, I do have confidence in myself but more importantly I use my experiences to help others. Helping people change their life style for the better makes my job so very satisfying.

Did you notice that people suddenly found you more attractive?

Now I’m single and have been on Big Brother, I’m definitely getting more compliments. The break up has been very public, which I’m not used to, so it’s nice to have so many comments of encouragement.

Does having an amazing body give people certain impressions of what you might be like?

I think people assume guys who are really into the physique game are arrogant and self centred. However I don’t consider my body to be amazing I’m just trying to push the limits of what I can achieve. Everyone is at their own level. I love to help people and inspire them,  I’m not just doing it for myself, I am trying to help others. I’d like to think my friends would say I was humble, caring and always there for them when it matters.

That’s very sweet! How long do spend in a gym?

It depends on what I’m training for really on average one to -2 hours a day. To get leaner and gain size three hours a day

Which body part is you favourite? What do you think needs working on?

Probably my core. It takes the most effort for me to keep a narrow waist and gain muscle mass. My legs always needs work. If I take time out of training I find they shrink first !

These days there seems to be more of a pressure to have a ripped body. Did you ever feel that?

I definitely appreciate when someone puts a lot of effort into their physique but I truly believe the way to look at it is everyone’s on their own level, just be the best you can be and do what makes you happy. I naturally put a lot of pressure on myself anyway but doing photoshoots and other physique work definitely helps when I’m trying to fight the craving for unhealthy food or if don’t feel like training.

Writing up personalised Summer body plans contact me for details , happy lifting 💪💪

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Are there any shortcuts people can take to get fit? Or is it all hard work and commitment?

I find with my clients HIIT training is definitely a good way of increasing fitness levels quicker. I wouldn’t consider any short cuts as a good option for people I like to help people with changing their lifestyle, something that they can stick to all year round.

Reality star Spencer Matthews admitted to using steroids – in your world are those shortcuts a big no no?

I think everyone is entitled to do what they want to their body, What I don’t appreciate is when people compete in drug free competitions while taking enhancements or preach about natural training to inspire others while taking steroids themselves.

Sugar rush on set @simon_barnes_

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There’s a cheeky belief that people who muscle up have small manhoods! Say it ain’t so!

Haha, my theory is the bigger you get the ratio is not quite as good – however that is a complete myth (I think).

Mixing it up with A-Frame deadlifts 310kg

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You’re a PT what advice would you give some if they wanted to transform their bods – what’s best for them to eat?

I would say save yourself for an occasional good party as opposed to drinking every weekend. Taking your physique to the next level while drinking regularly is not going to happen. Stick to Protein, green veg and good fats with carbs around training as your staple diet. If you want to eat unhealthy do it, but just weigh up how extreme you are willing to go, train regularly and get the good nutrients in.

Gays love a hot bod – have you had a lot of gay attention? What kind of reactions do you get from guys?

Yes I have, it’s pretty much all positive which is encouraging. It’s always nice to get complements, it keeps me going when I’m struggling with focus.

Do you have a big circle of gay mates?

I have many gay friends that I’ve met over the last few years mainly in London.

Sometimes us gay guys can’t help falling for our straight mates. Have any of yours declared their undying love for you?

My friends know we are just friends and respect that. However we have had some hilarious drunk conversations!! But, yes I’m sure, I like women haha!

If you were gay for the day which hunk celeb would you go for?

Brad Pitt in Troy, he’s an absolute Don in that

Let the men talk hah @bernard_belmar. @bbuk #bbuk #bbemma

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Did you enjoy your Big Brother experience? What was it like?

Apart from it ruining my relationship but I guess everything happens for a reason that house brings out hidden demons. It was an amazing experience extremely intense and I found it a bit frustrating at times. I like my own space and privacy in that house you get neither! That said, I wish I could have stayed in there though.

Now you are back on the market, what is you look for in the perfect girlfriend?

Well I thought I was in the perfect relationship and was so, so happy, but right now I’m focusing my energy on myself and career. My recent break up has really thrown me off so I’m not sure what I’m looking for in a girl! which is probably a sign to do my own thing for a while.

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