Simon Dunn may be fabulous to look at and wonderful to read about but it looks like he could be pretty practical to have around the house.

In his latest Instagram post, the gorgeous bobsleigh star proved that if you ever needed help shifting some heavy weights (rubble, sofas, a dead body) he’s your man!

Although we’re not entirely sure how heavy that  weight in the clip is, Simon points out that it is what used to be his maximum weight. But now he uses the whopper as a warm up weight. Swoon!

How does he do it? Well, we guess from the many hours a week he trains and the Muscle Milk he consumes. What a man, eh? We can only dream of being half the man he is!

Surely it’s only a matter of time that with a bod and super strength like his, our Si will be snapped up by some Hollywood bigwig to star in one of those super hero movies.

When what was once your max becomes your warm up #progress #musclemlkcan #poweredbyprotein

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