Mystery still surrounds Instagram’s decision to remove Simon Dunn’s cheeky but very tasteful homage to Kim K last week.

CeBxR0XUMAAO-rZIntrigued, GuysLikeU reached out to the social media network for an answer but still heard nothing back about why it was deemed unsuitable in spite of the fact that Instagram is filled with more explicit material.

What makes it even more of a mystery is that while Instagram were fast to remove Si’s cheeky shot due to what they call ‘a breach of guidelines’, Kim’s pic has been allowed to remain online (as well as other pics on her Instagram feed in which she’s TOTALLY naked). Not only that, Geordie Shore’s gay hunk Nathan Henry’s saucy snap has also remained online.

So why has our Simon been banned while Kim and Nathan are still online for everyone to see? Is what Simon is hiding underneath that black modesty bar just too much for Instagram to handle???

"When you're like I have nothing to wear LOL" – @kimkardashian couldn't resist I love a naked remake #nakeynath

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Er, what’s the difference? What’s Simon hiding beneath that black bar that scares Instagram so?