It’s Christmas time, and those sexy Overtones have got a brand spanking new album of festive faves in the shops. And it’s joyous! ReallyBut if their unique brand of retro crooning’s not your cup of tea, then buy it for your mum and cop an eyeful of the sexy lads in the band. We hooked up with the deliciously handsome Mark Franks (above, far left) and probed him about how he got his sexy bod, why guys love his bum – and what he washes first in the bath!

Mark, you look hot! How do you keep fit?

I used to be one of those people that thought paying monthly for the gym and never going was a splendid idea! Then I took the plunge and got a personal trainer. I’ve been going to him for the past five years and it’s really given me a kick up the ass… And a tighter one, too!

Oh yeah, so is that the part of your body you’re happiest with?

I guess my bum’s alright. I mean, anyone who’s had a squeeze seems to think so!

Anything you would like to improve?

I’ve always fancied having a six-pack, but my love of KitKat Chunkies sadly prevents that from happening!

So what’s your daily food intake?

Not really good on the brekkie front, rather have the extra time in bed! Try and eat a lot of protein though, especially if I’ve been gymin’ it.

Do you drink a lot or have you cut out drinks for health reasons?

I try not to drink in the week, but seem to more than make up for it at the weekends! Although I’ve started restricting myself to vodka, lime and Soda (aka ‘Skinny Bitch’). Aptly named for its low calorie count.

KitKat Chunky - tasty on the lips, but nasty on the hips. oh, and Mark's potential six pack!

KitKat Chunky: tasty on the lips, but nasty on the hips – and Mark’s potential six-pack!

Have you had any health scares? Are you cautious of any bumps or lumps you find?

Think it’s always good to know your body and be aware of any changes that occur. Guys sometimes bury their head in the sand when it comes to health issues, which solves nothing.

Have you had someone close to you get ill, which has made you sit up and start thinking about life?

No, I’ve been lucky in that respect. Obviously I have friends who have, though, and I think it does cause you to put life in to perspective and grab it by the balls a bit more.

Are you happy to go to the doctor or are you a scaredy cat?

I am a bit of a scaredy cat, but I do realise a problem isn’t going to go away if you just ignore it. If anything, it will cause you stress – which ain’t good for anyone’s health!

Do you take care of your skin?

I try and moisturise every morning and evening. I’m a sucker for an anti-wrinkle cream, too.

What product can’t you live without?

I use Body Shop’s Vitamin E range, the day and night creams. Great for rehydrating the skin and for its anti-ageing properties.

What scent do you swear by?

It’s got to be Bleu de Chanel. It’s just a classic fragrance that fits any occasion.

Hmmmm, Mark wreaks of this gorgeous stuff!

Are you a bath or shower type of person? What’s the first thing you wash???

I love a good soak in the bath. Whenever we’re touring, the first thing I do when I get to the hotel room is to check for a bath. It’s a real treat to unwind in a relaxing tub! As for the first thing I wash… None of your business, lol!!

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