There are some gossip stories that come of the blue, take us a by surprise and leave us gasping for breath.

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But this latest dollop of tittle tattle has really shocked us! According to reports, pop supervixen Cheryl Cole (yes we’ve reverted back to her easy-to-say previous name) has been hooking up with 1D hunk Liam Payne. Yes REALLY!


Well, that’s what The Sun would have us believe. According to ‘pals’ they have been secretly dating for three months and are making each other extremely happy. Liam is apparently so besotted by her that he has even had a rose tattoo etched on to his hand in honour of Cheryl’s notorious tat that covers most of her dandy bum cheeks and back.

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Of course there is no official confirmation about this superstar hook up. But if it is true, then Cheryl is one lucky gal as Liam’s most definitely a catch. Handsome, dry, rich and has a bod to die for (splat!). And with their ten year age gap, they appear to be at that right time to enjoy a particularly passionate sex life; women are supposedly at their sexual peak in their early 30s while men are randy as f**k when they are in their early 20s (30s, 40s, etc). So bingo.

We look forward to seeing how this relationship develops!