This has been a tough week for LGBT people across the world as the ugliness of homophobia reared its ugly head once again. But as we all saw at the many emotional vigils across the world us gay folk are not easily broken. So with that in mind, we at GuysLikeU, want to launch a #KissOffToHate campaign to show that we LGBT boys and girls – and our allies – are not going to let homophobia beat us.

Please post pictures of you kissing a special someone on our Twitter feed with the hashtag #KissOffToHate

Or email at us and tell us – like Linford Martin below –  why you are proud to be gay and not ashamed to kiss or hold hands in public.


‘Kissing my boyfriend is important because, I am a very passionate person and extremely tactile. There is no better way to show your true affection to somebody than kissing. The feeling that you get in your stomach when you kiss the one you love is totally indescribable!

I am proud to hold my boyfriend’s hand and kiss him in public, he means the world to me and I want the whole world to see that. Nobody should be forced to hide their feelings away! Don’t get me wrong I won’t be dry humping him in Starbucks, because there needs to be boundaries when it comes to PDAs, whether you’re straight or gay – let’s face it, nobody wants to be put off their iced caramel macchiato!