The world is pretty shitty right now, isn’t it?

We have the scary rise of loony right wing movements, the even more terrifying threat of nuclear war as tensions build between Russia and the US over Syria and lots of general nasty prejudice.

But there are glimmers of light – Kylie’s Golden album has tickled our fancies through and through and The Greatest Showman continues to give us all hope!

But today while spooling through Instagram we came across this picture of out sportsmen Simon Dunn and Felix Maisey enjoying a post rugby game kiss.

Don’t know about you but we were filled with love. In fact, it feels like one of those iconic images that whisks us off into a world of joy and happiness where everything is alright and we can all live side by side in peace.

Well, we like to think so anyway.

Let’s make this the image of 2018 and try to forget about all the horrible things happening in the world every time we look at it!