Sassy X Factor pop star Seann Miley Moore says life is so good right now that the success he’s achieved feels like sweet revenge on the boys who tried to make his life a misery at school!

‘I think every gay boy in school gets a form of bullying,’ he told GuysLikeU‘s Charlie King.  ‘What can you do? I just got on with school, I knew I was going to take my own path. But who is having the last laugh now? Who’s done X Factor, gigging and wearing amazing heels?

GuysLikeU's Charlie King meets Seann Miley Moore

GuysLikeU’s Charlie King meets Seann Miley Moore

Always outrageous and flamboyant, Seann says he never tried to hide that he was different when he was studying at school in Australia. And now at 25, he’s still an in-yer-face, larger-than-life superstar!

‘I’m Sean Miley Moore – fuckable fabulous fierce,’ he declares. ‘I have  fun with fashion. I do what feels right for me, these heels are fabulous. People may stare, but I love it, I wear a smile on my face and I am happy and it shows. I guess I will change it up over time. I like to experiment but for this moment I’m in, this is where I’m meant to be.’

And being true to himself is a quality he wants other guys like him to embrace.

‘I try not to box anything in,’ he explains. ‘Firstly I don’t do labels, straight, gay blah blah labels are for that Versace shirt on my back. Just be you. Be a good human. Love yourself and find love In which ever capacity you want it.’

Amen, sister.

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