So all those hilarious music pun memes (Your Disco Needs EU was our fave) didn’t work, and the UK is set to leave the European Union resulting in a severely divided country. But don’t worry, it doesn’t mean we have step away from Eurovision! We’re still part of the contest, though we’ll probably fare even worse than usual – if possible.

Changes are most definitely afoot, but we’re not likely to see them implemented for at least a couple of years. So let’s not panic yet. The future may look bleak but let’s see how things pan out and let’s stay hopeful.

In the meantime, let’s see how some of our favourite gay stars have reacted to the news….

Many of them voiced their disappointment with the result. Cucumber star Fisayo Akinade raged ‘You Leave Voters have no fucking idea what you’ve done. Fear, racism and being led by by lies. You’ve fucked Britain. Fucked it’, while his gorgeous Banana co-star Dino Fetcher was equally unimpressed and commented, ‘Emigrating to Bermuda. The weird shit that goes on in that triangle can’t be any more strange and terrifying than what I’ve just woken up to.’

Ex-EastEnders star Leon Lopez was devastated by the news, and wrote an impassioned Facebook post: ‘Unbelievably saddened by the news today! The hatred. The lack of inclusion and hunger for exclusion from our neighbours baffles me. Not to mention the prejudice that’s emerging. I’m not surprised. I’ve always been aware that regionally we are not as advanced as our country claims to be. We are in a frightening place. My only solace is that my home city. LIVERPOOOL voted to remain. When ive heard so often from southerners that it’s it’s us ‘northerners’ who will be to blame for the exit. It makes me proud that my city is open and forward thinking. I pray for a brighter future ahead. United we stand and all that… I hope there is a way to reverse this madness.

However, Union J’s Jaymi Hensley took a different tack and admitted that what’s ‘done is done’ and maintained that ‘we should be proud to live in a democratic country where we even get a say’.

In his Twitter post that sparked much debate, Jaymi wrote: ‘Regardless of your vote and the outcome we should be proud to live in a democratic country where we even get a say that’s my thoughts. Nobody is right or wrong it is your human right to have an opinion as it is for others to debate them, but what’s done is done Now lets Pull up our socks and stop turning on each other this was a referendum not a civil war.’

Tell us what you think about what Jaymi and the other stars have has said!