We heart Rebel Wilson, we really do. Gorge and hysterically funny, she’s what every gay guy wants in their best mate.

But after reading her brilliant interview in Cosmopoilitan we love her even more.

Here are FIVE new reasons why:

She never wants to stop eating:

‘I don’t do drugs, I don’t really drink… so eating is my one vice. I wouldn’t ever want to give it up.’

She’ll eat if she’s happy and sad:

‘I love me some ice cream or dessert, and it comes when I am happy or sad. So when I have an incredibly successful day, I want to celebrate and reward myself with food. If I’ve had a stressful day, food is also comfort.’

She likes trash TV:

While shooting The Brothers Grimsby with Sacha Baron Cohen in the UK, she threw herself in British culture. ‘I watched Benefits Street, went to some English pubs, did karaoke and even worked in a chip shop.’ (Er, we don’t believe that last bit!)

She’s still mates with Bridesmaids costar Matt Lucas
‘He is the kindest, most generous person. He’s like an older brother to me and he cracks me up.

And she’s bezzas with J-Law (er, like, who isn’t?)
‘She is just the most naturally hilarious person.

Oh Rebel, you know where we are if you ever want to hang out!  Give us a call.