Is Russell Tovey’s rippling physique a dangerous weapon that can cause people to faint at a hundred yards? Well yes, apparently.

According to Page Six in the US, a male audience member passed out when the actor whipped his shirt off during a performance of A View From the Bridge at the Lyceum Theatre on Broadway!

Concerned by this shocking episode, GuysLikeU decided to investigate the situation to make sure noone else has to endure such an embarrassing predicament.

And so for the purposes of research, we stared long and hard at pictures of Mr Tovey’s impressive bod. After what seemed hours, we can now most definitely assure you that we didn’t pass out. Nor did we feel remotely faint. However, his breathtaking body did appear to have a Medusa effect on us as we did sense ourselves beginning to turn to stone the longer we gawped.

If you want to check out Tovey’s taut bod on Broadway for yourselves, head over to NYC sharpish, as the show is only running for a couple of more weeks.