Today we were shocked to hear that a former Big Brother star had died unexpectedly.

In a post on her own Twitter, it was announced that Rebekah Shelton – best known as Rodrigo Lopes in the 2009 series – had passed away.

Tributes poured in, with even Ryan Clark-Neal posting a touching message.But it turns out that Rebekah is not in fact dead and is – thankfully – very much alive.

In a new post, the gorgeous 32 year old has said: “I’m not dead!!!!!! Please stop spreading this news!!!!! My lawyer is already working on this and this person who wants to spoil my happiness is going to pay for it!!!!!”

The wonderful and brave Rebekah transitioned back in 2012 and has spoken openly about the tough times she had in finally living the life she wanted to, especially in relation to her family who found it had to deal with.


“I’ve had to fight for acceptance,” she told OK! “I was not born wanting to be a transsexual, or a boy, or a straight boy, or a girl,” she explained.

“I think my appearance on the show [Big Brother] helped me to get to know myself better.


“It gave me the acceptance I had been looking for my entire life – I started dressing like the girls, and I felt like I was getting to know myself better with every new piece of clothing.”

Well, Rebekah, we’re really really glad to hear you are still living and breathing. And to the sicko who posted the lie – SHAME ON YOU!