What a Kylie Christmas we’re already having.

This week the perfect pop poppet gifted us with a dreamy SAW remix of her new single EveryDay Is Like Christmas. Now we have the video. And it’s so cute and Christmassy, we could cry! In it a very elegant-looking Kylie and her nearest and dearest (though not Dannii who must have been stranded back in Oz) have a gay old time at her beautifully decorated pop video ‘home’, dressing the tree and fooling around like we all do when we’re plastered on Christmas Day!

And one of those close friends just happens to be actor Joshua Sasse, her current bearded squeeze. And what a dashing fella he seems to be, as he frolics around a festive front room with Kyles in his arms. Now that’s a statement!

Aww, it’s so sweet, it’s enough to get us hitting the mulled wine.


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