is a brand new culture and lifestyle website for young gay guys finding their way through the twists and turns of life, brought to you by CHRISTIAN GUILTENANE, the former editor of OK! magazine and associate editor of ATTITUDE.

Unlike other established sites aimed at gay men, GuysLikeU isn’t so focused on the daily politics of gay culture. Instead it aims to give gay men the opportunity to learn more about what other guys like them are going through; whether it be still coming to terms with their sexuality, finding ‘the one’, dealing with personal issues or simply trying to carve out their dream career.

And what makes GuysLikeU so unique is that YOU the reader have the opportunity to talk openly about whatever story YOU want to share. This is a site for young men by young men!

Packed with emotional and inspiring personal tales, this new culture and lifestyle website doesn’t shy away from the issues that young men deal with everyday. Mental health, bullying, suicide, dating, coming out; no subject is taboo, which means gay men will never have to feel alone again, no matter what they’re going through.


Of course, it’s not all serious issues! We also reflect the varied interests of our devoted readers and are proud to include exclusive celebrity interviews, tongue-in-cheek fun features  and lots of sexy guys to gawp at!


In just two months, we have set a powerful and unique agenda that others have swiftly followed. We don’t rehash press releases or simply re-share hot topic viral videos, we actually track down the stars and give our readers the EXCLUSIVE inside scoop before anyone else! As a result, our stories have been picked up by other media outlets around the world and seen by hundreds of thousands of people. And we are more than thrilled.

But GuysLikeU needs your help. If you have a story you’d like to share, no matter how silly or serious, we want to hear from you. So please, drop us a line at

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Christian Guiltenane, Editor-in-Chief

Christian Guiltenane is the former editor of OK! magazine and former Associate Editor of Attitude.