So boys, how is self-isolation for you? Bored to tears yet of this Coronavirus pandemic? Desperate to get out of the house, grab a drink and hang out with your mates? Don’t we all! Sadly for now, we’re stuck in the house until we flatten this Covid-19 infection curve. So folks – STAY THE FUCK HOME! Okay????
Here, GuysLikeU chats to 35 year old LGBT ally Miguel Khan who is finding it hard dealing with his enforced isolation. However, he admits that there are aspects of being trapped at home that he thinks will make life in the future a lot better. The aspiring actor also opens up about how struggling to be a thesp has left him feeling low and how some people in the industry have attempted to cross the line with him.

Miguel, how are you dealing in these strange times?
When the Coronavirus was first mentioned months ago, my brother’s friend was sent home from China and I kind of had a feeling that this would turn into something bigger. Of course I couldn’t have predicted everything that has happened tHoughton. It’s mad! Luckily I think I am dealing with the situation as well as I can do. I moved back home to my family in Nottingham and I am trying to stay motivated and safe with them.
How has self-isolation transformed your life?
From having my own place in London to living with my mother and brothers is quite a life transformation. Kind of makes me feel not as independent as I feel I should be.

Have you learnt anything about yourself during this time?

Having to stay indoors and not have much  to distract me has left me struggling to stay motivated a lot of the time. I have fallen back on to bad habits like eating a lot, dating online. I am also spending a lot of time on my phone speaking to people, procrastination and watching a lot of trash TV. So it has shocked me how much I spend time on my bad habits. However, this experience has made me realise a few things. I want to find someone to settle down with. I really want to get a place and have a bit more security in life. I keep thinking about how to make money but this is a constant.

How has it changed your relationships with people around you?
I am spending more time with my mum and brothers which is nice, and more time on the phone with people who I don’t normally speak as much to. So some relationships have actually strengthened because  of all this!
Has this experience affected your mental health?
I actually feel like I have chilled out in many ways. Possibly because I am with my family. When I was alone in London or Oxford, I occasionally found myself in a depressed state and not in a good way. However, with this pandemic I weirdly don’t feel as bad. I must admit I do feel helpless in some ways, but I think that is due to money issues because of work being up in the air and not being able to provide for myself. This is of course worrying but I am hopeful that it will not be like this forever.
Have you ever experienced any mental health issues when you were younger?
Yes. When I hit 30 and I was living in Oxford I had a worrying time. I had burst my ear drum and I was struggling with it mentally. At the same time, I wasn’t happy with my progress in life and was constantly comparing myself to others, which is a silly thing to do. But we all do it, right? I wanted to be an actor and was not getting anywhere with it and found that really frustrating. I couldn’t distract myself with my usual habits, like watching TV, going out and dating women because of my condition. I found it hard to sleep and all this combined sent me into a spiral of decline and was feeling worthless and not sure about what to do. I used to write a lot of poetry at this time to express the way I was feeling. This helped but it was a very dark time for me. Luckily, the support of those around me helped get back only feet again.
Are you a fella who likes being single?
I seem to be constantly talking to women and dating. I am in that grey area of not being attached to someone, but am dating someone and only them. But I am constantly talking to someone. I find it easier I think to be single and flirting, I like non-commitment and not feeling like I am stuck. But I’m a flirt. I have not to when I meet women, but I struggle very much.  But I’m 35, and I think at this time of my life I am ready to settle down. I am actively seeking someone to be my partner.

You’re a good looking guy and it’s clear you work hard on maintaining a good body – is that important for you? 
It’s the only thing I know I can truly control. Health is very important to me and how I look too. Stupidly, I shaved my head during isolation and that has not been a good thing for me mentally because I know that has effected my dating game.
In what way?
I’ve kind of worked out that many women don’t really like bald men. Losing your hair can can effect a man greatly. I have been online dating quite a bit and it’s got hard now because women think I’m a catfish as in all my photos online I have hair.

The #MeToo movement made everyone second think what they said and did to each other. Did it make you even more self aware?
I have always been very respectful of women. I’m a mummy’s boy! Always have been. That said, I’ve been on the other end and had inappropriate remarks said to me when I was trying out as an actor. A couple of photographers and directors even asked me to do inappropriate things during shoots. Luckily when I said no they were okay with it. It was annoying at the time and I didn’t know how to act but I was lucky not to receive any physical abuse or be blackmailed to do anything I did not want to do like other people.
How do you think 35 year old Miguel compares to teenage Miguel? 
I think I am similar to the teenage me in many ways. I have a feeling that a lot of people have reverted back to their younger self during these weird times. I am still wanting to meet the one, still unsure about what I want to be in life and want to be rich and famous. I was very confused and am still confused. The difference now I guess is that I am more willing to take some options and settle down.
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