Well, well, well…. Who do we have here, then? Yes, boys, that is Mr Zac Efron all beefed up  on the right. But who the bejesus is that rippling beefcake holding him in a mighty head lock? Have all our dreams come true? Is the Z-ster one of us?

Erm… sadly not. The fella on the left is actually Zac’s equally gorgeous brother, Dylan. Yes, they’re related. Well, surely you can see the family resemblance? Which means there’s two drop dead gorgeous Efrons roaming around this planet.

The pair were enjoying a spot of frisky frocliking in some splishy splashy water to mark brother Dylan’s birthday. And in his Insta post, it’s clear how important the little filmmaking,  sporty outdoor enthusiast bro is to Zac: “Happy birthday @dylanefron! Honestly, I never in my wildest dreams, would’ve thought that the little terror, devil, monster that was my little brother would turn into my very best friend. I’m so proud of the man you are today. Let’s save the world together- one waterfall at a time. Love ya little brother!”