Er, we thought Tom Daley was supposed to be HARD at it training in Rio for the upcoming Olympics. But here he is lounging around a beach supping on some ‘coco’ in Rio.

Spending the last day in Rio before we fly home on #copacabana with some coconut water. What a perfect day off!

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We’re only joshing, of course. As we’ve seen from Tom’s recent YouTube post (see below), he and his mates have been busy training and after all that diving it’s only fair that the boys have a good rest before the next stage of their Olympics prep.

And it’s not just Tom who is having a lark about in Brazil. So too are his equally beefy team mates Jack Laugher, Chris Mears and Dan Goodfellow, as you can see in these steamy sun-soaked pics.

Happy days. @jacklaugher

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I'm in LOOOVE with da Coco-nut

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Bit of sightseeing today before we head back to sunny England 💪🏻

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