If you thought Tom Daley’s job as a diver was easy peasey – i.e. just jumping in a pool – think again. As you’ll see from his latest YouTube post, there’s a lot of hard work that goes into preparing for a competition.

In the clip, Tom invites us to watch him compete at  the Rio Olympics qualifier event British Diving National Cup with his brand new synchro partner, the swoonsome Dan Goodfellow (yum!). And it looks hard work. Even before they hit the 10m board, the pair of them are seen doing extreme warm ups, doing stretches and synchro somersaults.

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But on the day of the competition, disaster strikes when the pool is hit by a complete power blackout. However, there is a silver lining. Tom and Dan’s competitors pull out of the competition due to the technical issues which means the fit fellas come away with a medal. Result!

We also see Tom compete in his individual dive but we won’t give away if how he does.. You can watch that for yourself  in the vid!