Our favourite US singer Steve Grand turned the (Steve) grand old age of 26 this week and got all  philosophical on us.

In a post on Instagram, the gorgeous and incredibly talented singer / songwriter said, ‘As crazy as this life has been, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Every trial and tribulation has played it’s part in shaping (shaking?) me into the man I am today, and you know what? I’ve actually come around to believing that [this] man is pretty cool, and has quite a lot to offer.’

We agree, Steve, we totally agree! But the celebrating didn’t last long as the fabulous Mr Grand went straight back in the gym with is mate Trev, where he worked up a hot sweat and pumped those delicious muscles. And the best thing was, he went and filmed it for our pleasure. Oh Steve, you are too good to us!

In other Grand news, the gorgeous geez has just unleashed his new tune We Are The Night remixed by Dave Aude. Unsurprisingly his ravenous fans have gone wild for the song and a very happy Steve is over the moon by the reaction. ‘I’m glad so many of you are loving this! It was such an honor to work with Grammy winner Dave Aude on this remix and a huge pleasure to work with director John Lavin. This song and video is very special to me. Thank you for your support and making all this happen 🙂 hot new tune….’

Well the song is a corker and you can buy it from here: https://itun.es/us/y2dwab