Gorgeous Steve Grand just gives and gives, doesn’t he? Not only did he treat 500, 000 of his most devoted fans to a stunning version of All I Want For Christmas Is You over the festive period, he’s now just posted this super sexy and very inspirational pic for us to savour!

And while most of us are still nursing a post Christmas belly, this fella has remarkably managed to maintain this ridiculously perfect physique!

‘After three and a half weeks of sobriety (with a few exceptions), I am feeling better than ever,’ he wrote in an Instagram post that accompanied this peen-pleasing pic. ‘Who would have thought that when you stop poisoning yourself every day with alcohol and fast food, and start doing cardio and sleeping at normal hours, that you actually start to feel and function better?’


He added that because he is no longer able to enjoy a tipple with his fans, he decided to kindly post this pic as treat instead! What a kind guy, right? ‘Since I am abstaining from alcohol (mostly) and can’t do shots with you, I figured the next best thing would be posting this douchey, post-gym selfie,’ he wrote. ‘So here’s to you, and to all of us – to getting this far (even if we made it there just barely… And drunk) and to an even bigger, better, more magical 2016.

Aww, what a sweetie, eh?

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See the making of Steve’s All I Want For Christmas Is You video: