Steve Grand posts shocking picture that may change your opinion of him!

As well you all know, we love Steve Grand at GuysLikeU towers. He’s handsome, talented and has impeccable style. But as we saw recently, he hasn’t always been such a style icon. And again this week, the rippling rascal has rummaged through his old piccies to tickle our funny bones with another dodgy pre-hunk snap.

Good heavens! Where do we begin? Just look at that hillbilly hat? No Steve, it doesn’t look good and it certainly does not look sexy. That said, it has spared us from another eyesore – that dodgy hair! Look at it. Long, lank and criminally hiding that gorgeous face of yours.

But the while we can forgive Steve time sensitive fashions, there is no excuse for those icky sweat patches under his arms. It’s a vest for goodness sake. How can Steve been sweating that much? Well, all we can say is, well done for cropping those locks and finding some fashion sense.

Of course, Steve’s come a long way now and looks mighty fine, thanks to a snazzy haircut, hours in the gym and some much needed advice from a stylist! And we couldn’t be happier.

Meanwhile in a new YouTube post, Steve shares his major ‘boner-kill’ – i.e. things that irritate him so much the blood rushes away from little Steve. On this occasion, he talks about negativity and guys on dating apps who list all the things they don’t like on other guys. ‘Keep it fun, and positive and light hearted,’ he advises potential suitors. ‘If you are negative don’t be yourself, find something good to say!

Check out Look Away, Steve’s recent single with Eli Lieb. It’s stunning and is available from iTunes.