Steve Grand, we hate you!

Well, of course, we don’t really. We actually love you. But how do you expect us to feel when we see you chowing down on a sugary donut one minute then flashing that insane physique of yours the next? It’s just cruel.  Unless you’re telling us that that joyous delight is hiding a secret ingredient that transforms your body into what you have?

"Let he who is without donuts cast the first sassy comment" – Jesus Poor lighting= #notsoblessed

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And talking about that body – what is this picture about? It’s, like, insane! We’ve known about the triumphant chest for yonks, but just check out those super thighs! In fact, we’re feeling a wee bit faint. But, Steve, feel free to send more thigh shots our way. Pronto!

Meanwhile in other Steve Grand news, he is looking absolutely gorge with that smattering of stubble. Keep up the good work, fella!


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