They’re best known for their perky pop hits, but we love Steps’ moodier moments more. Here are our FIVE favourite STROP-POP classics!

We’re still overjoyed at the news that Steps have returned to planet pop with their very own unique brand of sassy bubblegum pop.

But their smash hit Scared Of The Dark is a wee bit different. Although it’s wonderfully catchy and poptastic, it’s deliciously moody, sombre and melancholy, just like their stand out fan favourite track Deeper Shade Of Blue. And the good news is, there’s apparently more of the same on the way.

The shiny happy disco dollies have teased that their upcoming album will be very much in the same vein, anthemic mood-a-thons wrapped up neatly in a shimmering dance production that makes you want to strop around like a moody madam!

With just over a month to go before we get our lugholes around their fifth album Crying On The Dancefloor let’s count down their five best snoot-faced strop pop anthems of all time…

Scared of the Dark
It’s a newie but golly it’s one of the best tunes they’ve ever released. From the ridiculous orchestral intro, to the insanely overblown lead in to the choruses, this hiRNG anthemic and deliciously dark. The girls give it their all and Claire’s wild vocals toward the end are just ridiculous.

Deeper Shade Of Blue

Following on from shimmering cheesy popfests like 5,6,7,8 and Last Thing On My Mind, this fabulous track was the one that made those who weren’t already fans sit up. Cool, clubby and satisfyingly sourfaced, this is by far up there with their best! Secret: dance queen Tina Cousins (remember her?) actually recorded it first.

Stop Me From Loving You

This wee nugget (the B-side to Chain Reaction) shoots along like a whippet chasing after a hare. There’s frantic pianos, dramatic chords and a melody that is so nigglingly catchy, you’d have to  wash your brain out with Fairy liquid. One wee note – it’s sung so blimmin’ high, only dogs (and gays) can hear it.

You’ll Be Sorry

Clearly inspired by the universally loved DSOB, Claire and the gang got a real strop on in this brilliantly camp anger-thon that literally slaps you across the chops with a large disco hand. Pissed off by a cheating lover, this musical monologue is full of bitter lyrics like ‘One day believe me, you’ll be sorry / You’re gonna feel this pain / One day you’ll see me and remember
/ The promises you made’. Joyous, in a totally miserable way and a great musical letter to send someone if they do the dirty on you!


Not as frantic or mental as the other tunes on this lush list of ludicrousness, this mellow musical moment – the B-side of  dreary ballad Words Are Not Enough – has a dark underbelly that ensures this midtempo delight never becomes ickily schmaltzy! And bravo to LSL for making it a right belter!