What’s more fun than watching two women going at it hammer and tongs. No, not in a straight man’s fantasy kinda way! We’re talking about two sassy divas locking horns in a sensational catfight.

Here for your delight, are some of GuysLikeU’s favourite girl-on-girl TV cat-spats..

1) Madonna vs Gaga (4:03) (SNL)

2) Kylie vs Dannii (The Kylie Show)

3) Sable vs Alexis (Dynasty!)

4) Tanya vs Amber (Footballers’ Wives)

5) Shannon vs Amber (Footballers’ Wives)

6) Krystle vs Krystle (well, Rita) Dynasty!

7) Mariah vs Mariah (Heartbreaker video!)

8) Cookie vs Anika (Boo Boo Kitty) – Empire

9) A bunch of Spanish soap characters!