During these cold winter days, it’s pretty hard to get ourselves up of a morning. But today Good Morning Britain gave us a helping hand by inviting wine expert Ashley Webb onto the show to test loud mouth presenter Piers Morgan’s wine-tasting skills.

While much amusement was caused by Piers’ stories of his wine drinking past and nights out with his ever patient co-host Susanna Reid, many viewers were distracted by the wine expert Ash, with one thirsty viewer stating ‘[Andi Peters’] wine assistant is hot!’

And we couldn’t agree more. Not only was the fella drop dead gorgeous, we were particularly tickled by his rather cheeky demeanour. As the segment progressed with competition host And Peters bickering with Piers over who was following who on Twitter and Insta, handsome Ash merely sniggered away to himself like a cheeky young scamp.

So who is this Ash? Well, aside from being an expert at Mayfair wine dealer Hedonism Wine, it would appear that the beardy fella is a member of a Blues band called Eddy Smith And The 507. Check them out HERE

Oh, and if you’re interested – Piers won the wine-tasting challenge and won a bottle of very expensive wine called Petrus!