Oh Simon Dunn, what are you like, eh?

To mark Earth Day – a day of the year on which we’re all supposed to remember the importance of keeping our planet healthy and clean – our favourite bobsleigh hunk kept things very natural indeed – i.e., got naked!

The gorgeous former rugby player kindly posted a cheeky pic on social media in which we see him exposing his tasty tush to the natural elements.

And bravo to him, because where ever he is, there’s not a sign of nasty pollution to be seen; no fumes, no car exhausts, no cigarette smoke!  Just fresh air, pure water and a bare beefcake as naked as the day he was born. Happy Earth Day indeed! And in the words of our Aussie hero,  ‘Love & treat this amazing planet like its the only one we have. Because it is!’ Amen!

Happy Earth Day 2016!

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