Well, hello there fella! And who the hell are you are you when you’re at home….

Listening to a bit of Jazz first thing in the morning from my hotel room #NewOrleans

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Gregg Sulkin’s his name and is the star of MTV’s Faking It, a cheeky comedy about two girls pretending to be lesbians to be popular. The show, which has finished in the States, has won a slew of awards Stateside, including a prestigious GLAAD gong for Outstanding Comedy. But we love it best because our dear Gregg appears to find it very hard indeed to keep his clothes on! Don’t believe us? Then download episode one of series two from iTunes and prepare yourself for a right eyeful. You won’t disappointed in the slightest.

After an insanely stressful & busy month…. #BackAtIt #fitness #letsgo

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But that’s not all. The British hunk – oh yeah, did we say he’s one of ours? – also has a horror flick called Don’t Hang Up due out in the new year and a film called Status Update in which plays a quarterback who pretends to be gay for a social experiment, so we can expect to see a lot more of gorgeous Gregg then. And we can’t wait. But in mean time, let’s just lie back and enjoy the spectacle of Sulkin! Grrr….


Happy Valentine's Day to my ❤️ @bellathorne #iloveyou #valentinesday #ValentineVacation

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If the pics aren’t hot enough check him shaking his booty on the wicked TV show Lip Synch Battle!


To see more pics and read an interview with Gregg check out Flaunt magazine. Otherwise stalk him on Instagram