Day two back at work! And we bet you wish you were tucked up in bed at home reliving your festive hijinks. Oh well, you can’t! Christmas is over for another year and the cold reality of January has set in! Get used to it! All we can do now is look toward to a lot hot summer (oh so Girls Aloud!)

Bearing in mind that’s still a good six months away, we thought we’d bring a little sunshine into your lives now, courtesy of dandy DILF Ricky Martin.

The very generous Latino lovely has just posted this insane picture of himself basking in some sunny clime barely wearing just the briefest of trunks. We don’t know exactly where he is, all we know it we want to be there! Rubbing lotion into his firm, muscular bod…. And relax!

Happy new year Ricky! Keep up the good work!