Those Swedish TV types have always been clever when it comes to producing their Eurovision shows, as this homage to Kylie’s Your Disco Need You proves!

We still can’t get over just how amazing this year’s Eurovision Song Contest was. Okay, so the UK didn’t do well, but the Swedes put on a show so spectacular, funny and clever that we wonder how any other country will ever be able to top it.

The sensational Mans Zelmerlow and Petra Mede aside, highlights of the extravagant night included the hilarious mock documentary  about the influence of the Eurovision on Swedish culture (the swaying, deadpan Loreen-Kids were hilarious) and the infectiously catchy song about what makes the perfect Eurovision winner which was simply breathtaking and arguably one of the BEST TV moments of ALL time. 

But those pesky Swedes have consistently produced amazing tongue-in-cheek Eurovision shows for years, so are well practised. And unlike our UK counterparts they actually make an effort in choosing their entry carefully, producing a six week series called Melodfestivalen set in a massive arena and featuring some of Sweden’s biggest pop acts showcasing songs that, whether they win or not, eventually top their country’s chart.

It is during this round of shows that Mans Zelmerlow first attempted to represent Sweden in the main competition. His first attempt was the ridiculously hiNRG entry Cara Mia in 2007, followed  in 2009 by an equally astonishing hiNRG anthem. Sadly neither made it through to the final, and Mans had to wait until 2015 for Heroes to make him the global star he is today.

But one of the most spectacular moments in Melodifestivalen history was this ambitious opening sequence for the 2009 final of the show, which paid homage to Kylie Minogue’s Your Disco Needs You.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 17.23.27

Presenter Petra Mede is majestically led into the auditorium on a motorised chariot followed by the show’s finalists dressed in military gear  (if you look carefully below you’ll see Mans Z marching along in the parade.)

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 17.23.02

Needless to say, the performance is out of this world and unlike anything we’ve seen on British TV!  Oh those Swedes are good, aren’t they! If only our TV shows were half this good!