This week we stumbled across our hot new crush, Chris Pratt-look-a-like BJ Gruber. So we tracked him down in the US for his first UK interview! Remember where you saw him first! 

When we laid eyes on the heartwarmingly sweet web series DaddyHunt, we instantly fell hook, line and sinker in love with its lead actor BJ Gruber. Not just because he was so dashingly handsome! Oh no, there was something else, that je ne said quoi, that had us swooning! And from the responses we’ve received from you after we ran our initial story, you whole-heartedly agreed. 

So, what did we do next? That’s right we went and tracked the gorgeous fella down in the US to find out EVERYTHING about him! And my, my! We didn’t expect to hear what we had to tell us! 

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We saw you in the DaddyHunt mini web series online – it was so cute. Did you enjoy filming it as much as we enjoyed watching?

I loved filming the Daddyhunt serials. They are great guys and everyone was amazing to work with. I owe them many thanks.

The web series was produced only to promote the app, but we loved it so much. Do you think there will be more? 

I’m working out of New York right now, but hopefully we’ll film some more, but I won’t be back until September. I would shoot with those guys any day of the week. Jim (Newman, the Daddy!) has agreed to be part of season 2 of another of the web series I star in called The Queens Project, so I’m really looking forward to working with him again regardless.

Of course, what we boys want to know is, are you gay in real life?

I’ve indentified as bi and as straight. More recently, I’ve decided not to identify. Why? One, it doesn’t matter and two, because I have witnessed many individuals letting their sexual identity control and limit them when sexuality should be an expression of freedom and love. I’ve seen this happen at both ends of the Kinsey scale. It doesn’t matter where you land. Just don’t let it control you.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 14.21.00Wow, that’s very forward thinking and refreshing. Can you take us through that process when you realised you fancied both boys and girls. 

I grew up thinking I was completely straight, and then met boys I was interested in as more than friends. I felt weird about it. I didn’t understand and my parents had always told me if I had a choice, choose to be straight but they’d love me either way. They met boyfriends. They were kind. It was ok.

Was it an even more confusing time than usual knowing that you enjoyed being with boys and girls. Did you have any teen anxiety over it like many young guys do?

When I was younger I had a lot of anxiety about being attracted to men. I don’t think anyone escapes that. I think the world is a lot more open to it now. We should embrace that.

Were people at school kind to you?

High school is hell for everybody. I went to university with other artists, most of whom indentified as much gayer than I. No problems were had there. It’s always had less to do with sex and more about who people truly are. I don’t care about your body parts.

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Are you finding more and more people are thinking this way about sexuality? 

I’ve heard people identify as pansexual. Everyone has a different sort of anecdote about what that means to them. I don’t think we need that label either. Let them go. Labels are chains and we all have the ability to rid ourselves of them.

Do people around you understand your open mindedness? 

No. People don’t understand the open mindedness. Many people need the labels to feel safe. To be part of something. I understand it, and if it helps you keep it. But don’t let it own you.


You’re an incredibly handsome guy – do you find yourself attracting more guys than girls?

I find myself attracting both sexes usually for the wrong reasons. I used to respond to compliments about my appearance and the like, but now find that I need to connect with someone on an intellectual level.

Sadly for us, you’re seeing a girl at the moment.  

I am seeing a woman. She’s a rockstar. She’s the coolest person I’ve ever met. She’s the one, the love of my life and she is my hero and best friend.

Aww, the lucky gal! When you meet a girl or a guy do you have to be upfront about the situation from the start? 

I generally don’t bring up my ideas about sexuality until I’ve been dating someone for a while. My girlfriend doesn’t care and I plan on being with her for a very long time so it doesn’t matter regardless.

And in the past?

There were many women who found out I had dated men, and immediately assumed I was completely gay and looking for a beard. I think that’s the hardest part about dating both.

We love your other web series The Queens Project – it is brilliantly funny. How did you get involved?

I love The Queens Project. I met Ken Arpino around New York and he wanted to make a gay related web series and create a comedic forum for LGBTQA artists called It Gets Funnier). Our media is severely lacking in this content and I was excited about being part of creating something like this. We’re definitely doing a second Season. Ken is currently working on some other great projects with It Gets Funnier. Check them out on Facebook and subscribe on YouTube.

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Your character in The Queens Project reminds us of Derek Theler’s character in Baby Daddy (you even look like him) – sexy, but a bit dim. 

I’ll take that as a compliment. Derek Theler is great! I wasn’t part of the writing process, but Ra-ey worked with me for several rehearsals. We talked over coffee about the character, what he wanted from it, what I thought about it. I appreciated how much he was willing to listen to me. Directors aren’t always so kind.

You have an amazing voice (we saw your Les Mis audition online) have you done much theatre?

That Les Mis audition was so long ago! I’ve grown a ton vocally since then. I’ve been in over 40 theatrical productions. Tours, Off-Broadway, and regional productions.

What’s the dream?

I’m happy creating. I love singing pop-punk-rock music. My dream would be to either headline a band or star in a comedic network TV show or feature film. I’ve worked on a few films as smaller parts. I would love to book a rock musical on Broadway. That would be the dream.

57022172-2014-11-23-02060Your body is to die for… what do you eat on a daily basis and how long are you in the gym?

I eat a lot of fruit, veggies, protein powder, eggs and bacon. I also love Thai. I work out six or seven days a week and compete in CrossFit and weightlifting.

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