Sound the sirens, we have a new girl crush! Olivia Munn, star of X-Men Apocalypse. Although she’s been on our radar for years, it was only two weeks ago, when she appeared on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, we realised what a hoot she was.

On the morning magazine show the raven haired funny gal downed glasses of wine with gay abandon – and all before midday! (A girl after our own heart if ever there was one.)

But when she wasn’t knocking back the vino, she also enjoyed a bit of bants with fellow guest, notorious TV news anchor, Piers Morgan. Although their cheeky banter seemed a little aggressive, it turns out the pair are actually pals and were only joshing.

Our love for the Munn then literally spiralled out of control this week when we caught the latest X-Men movie, in which she plays the sassy, sword-wielding bad girl Psylocke. In a barely-there costume, she prowls around the screen so camply that we could barely contain ourselves. In fact, she’s so god damn sasstastic in the movie, that we kind of wish she had landed the role of Wonder Woman instead of Gal Gadot – she’d have been perfect!

Although we’ve enjoyed Ms Munn over the years in shows like Newsroom and New Girl and films like Zoolander 2 and Magic Mike, she had us tickled recently on Lip Synch Battle, sensationally miming to Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood. Is there no end to this woman’s talents?

Well aside from her talents as an actress and a groover, she is most definitely a gal with a fantastic sense of humour. And a dirty one at that! Check out the montage of her funniest bits and see how long it is before you fall in love with her too!