Love Island hunk Oliver Maxwell Fernandez opens up about life after the show and what he really thinks about his former island mates.

It’s summertime, which means not do sexy guys look even hotter in the basking sun, reality TV is about to totally take over our lives.

This week alone saw the triumphant return of two telly favourites – Big Brother and Love Island.

Now while we’re still trying to work out if BB’s Raph is the only gay in the world’s most notorious house, we can exercise our peepers on the ridiculously pumped up bods of the Love Island beefcakes, even though we know NONE of them will be interested in any of us.

Unless, of course, one of the fellas suddenly decides he’s been living a lie all of his life and makes a dramatic confession! Now that we’d like to see.

To mark the return of this sun soaked series, we caught up with Love Island vet Oliver Maxwell Fernandez, the drop dead gorgeous model who popped in and out of the show last year.

He may have only played a small part in the first series, but we fell hook line and sinker in love with him the minute we laid eyes on him, even if those silly girls didn’t.


Here, the gorgeous  fella looks back at his own experience, why he regrets doing the show and much more….


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Oliver, you did Love Island for about five minutes last year. Two questions. What was it actually like? And why the hell did you do it?

At the time work was reasonably slow, and ITV had called me on numerous occasions asking me if I’d be interested in participating in “a new show”. At the time, I had no interest, I didn’t feel it was for me. After a few more chats I had a slight change of heart and thought why the hell not! What’s the worst that could happen? Er, silly move!

I was actually genuinely worried that they would confirm that I was in fact a complete lunatic, but apparently I’m very sane, it turns out!

What was the audition process like? 

I didn’t actually have to audition The producers contacted me via Facebook, although I still had to see a counsellor. I was actually genuinely worried that they would confirm that I was in fact a complete lunatic, but apparently I’m very sane, it turns out! Go me! They also gave me an STI test, which came back clear. So another win for team Fernandez! It was a pretty easy process and the production team were really good.

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When you walked into the villa, did you fancy any of the gals?

I’d love to say yes… but the truth is very different. I didn’t at all. I mean a few were prettier in person than their pictures but none of them were really my type! Annoying, right? I think I made that pretty clear as soon as I walked in. The fact I was stroking my beard more than any of the girls pretty much says it all.

If that mob weren’t your cup of char, what’s your normal type?

Erm, I like a classy girl with a good attitude, a real “go getter” someone that understands dry humour and isn’t afraid to voice her opinion, in a classy and “non-Love Island” manner.

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Give us some secrets from the show – is all as we see it?

There’s a lot that goes on behind the camera. The producers are never too far away and the camera men are on site pretty much 24/7.

Did you actually understand the premise of the show – what’s to stop people from faking romance?

I did understand the situation I was put in but I didn’t like it. I’m a very independent person and being stuck with people that one, I didn’t gel with two, I didn’t want to gel with and three, I didn’t find attractive wasn’t ideal. Never the less, it was an experience to say the least. Even if I was branded a ‘snake’ for calling someone who I thought was a player, a player. I was just being honest! I don’t speak ‘street’ but a ‘snake’ apparently that’s a term for ‘sneaky person’?


Do you think any of the couples were actually genuine on the show?

Being completely honest, I couldn’t care less. I’m sure most of those relationships started with sex and then became “real” after the fame hit and it became more beneficial for them to remain a couple.

What did you make of Cara and Nathan splitting up recently?

I’m not really surprised that they went their separate ways. I mean,  it wasn’t exactly love at first sight, was it? Plus if they hadn’t been on the show, they  would never have met in the real world as they were both from two very different backgrounds, leading two very different lifestyles. That said, I liked them both separately. I say ‘like’, but I mean I didn’t dislike either of them, although Cara’s comment that I made no effort when I got voted out kind of threw me off. I was like, ‘yes I did’! With Nathan for sure. Perhaps not so much with Cara.

Best of luck to everyone else. Except for the ones I couldn’t care less about. They’re the ones who are too busy on Instagram holding pictures of crappy products for £50 #celeb #stillbasic

Have you heard much from last year’s contestants?

Nope. I attended the after party last year, met Marlin for the first time, got on well and we occasionally speak as friends. Tom also changed my opinion, he’s a nice enough guy from what I’ve seen of him. Best of luck to everyone else. Except for the ones I couldn’t care less about. They’ll know who I’m talking about, but probably don’t care as they’re be too busy on Instagram holding pictures of crappy products for £50 #celeb #stillbasic


Have you heard any gossip about your old island mates?

I haven’t actually, sorry to disappoint you! I’ve moved on and got back to my real life. I know a few of the contestants are still clinging onto the fame on Twitter – but that’s not gossip that’s more of an observation.

Do you regret doing the show?

Yes and no. I regret not going on there and being myself, the confident, witty man that I am, though it probably would have still gone unnoticed. But overall, it’s an experience and can look back on it one day and say I’ve done it – even if I was there for about 43 seconds.


I lost a few friends and gained a few. I’ll always be me, regardless of what I do or how successful I become

Did appearing on the show stop you getting work?

For a little while after, my work load decreased, but finally it’s back on track, unless they Google me. That said, I didn’t actually do anything that would cause an adverse affect except for appearing on the show itself.

Did people judge you for taking part on the show?

Yep! I lost a few friends and gained a few. I’ll always be me, regardless of what I do or how successful I become. If they’re not clapping for me then byeeeeeeee….


What did you friends and family say about you when you were on Love Island?

They could sense I felt out of place, I think most of the nation could.  Also being pitted against a person so different to me was a little uncomfortable. I’d like to say I have some class and I don’t compete with people who I stand head and shoulders above of….

What was life after the show like?

I did have a bit of a struggle mentally, still kind of regret doing it, but that won’t stop me achieving my goals.

What do you mean you struggled mentally?

Well, the show didn’t exactly go as I planned, I mean I went there with the intentions to meet similar minded people, and maybe even find a girl that I liked. But that wasn’t the case. My time was short, my jokes were misunderstood and people felt sorry for me. That’s not who I am, I never wanted a sympathy vote. I just wanted to get back to my normal life that was now falling apart from all angles. I made a bad choice, somewhere down the line in the process.


Did you get girls throwing yourself at you?

Only those I wouldn’t ever go near. To be honest, I have never really struggled with women and didn’t really take notice of those girls who did message me afterwards. If anything being on the show made it harder for people to trust me, even though I didn’t do anything negative on TV. Aside from speak the truth!

So how is the love life then? 

You could describe it in the same way you can describe our economy – FUCKED. I gave up looking a long time ago, I just go with the flow and when something real arises, we’ll see.


Your body is looking amazing – are you happy with it?

Thank you. Much appreciated! It’s in okay shape, not my best nor my worst. The thing is I’ll never be happy with it – let’s just say it’s a work in progress.

So love is elusive… Have you got a type anymore?

I love life, I love my family and friends, for now that’s enough. Am I in love with anyone? I don’t think so, I think I need to work on myself a little more first.

You said last time gay guys love you but you’re never tempted – has that changed now your love life is screwed?

Haha, no it won’t ever change, sorry guys! But that doesn’t stop them from messing with me all the time! Even proffesionals seem to think I’d like to see a picture of their dick.


Blimey, what cheeky chappies. What’s the longest time you’ve had without sex?

I can’t go longer than a week. But I’m also content with once a week. Just no less.

When was the last time you had a girlfriend?

I don’t even know what that word means anymore. I’ve seen people on and off since I was 17. I’ve fell for three people in my life.

I think I may have been cheated on. I can’t say for sure but I have an inclination that an ex cheated on me with her “friend”.

Have you ever cheated?  

I would never cheat on someone. That’s low and I have morals. But I think I may have been cheated on. I can’t say for sure but I have an inclination that an ex cheated on me with her “friend”. He was sneaky and so was she, plus I heard she was a bit of a “player” before I met her. Who knows? I’d hope not, as I cared for her a lot.

What’s coming up now?

I’ve just set up a model start up agency called MODE’L and hoping it will become an established fashion agency by 2018 and I am shooting for another top secret Tv show next month.  I’m pretty happy with the way things are heading, with this industry you have to stay strong as you get let down about five times a week and it truly eats you up but I want it so badly – I won’t give up. My friends assume I have it easy but I really do put the work in. Got a few big jobs lined up, will see where they head.