The great thing about Kylie Minogue is that whenever she has a boyfriend, she can’t help but share him with her devoted fans. The generous minx.

And in this saucy clip from ABC’s medieval musical series Galivant, which she actually met her delicious beau Joshua Sasse on, our Kyles goes to town, and demands he be stripped to the waist (for our pleasure), whilst singing along to an It’s Raining Men style anthem.

‘Strip him down, don’t be shy boys, go to town, ‘ she trills. ‘I bet that chest is heaven-blessed, so firm/ Check that six-pack, it’s to die.’

And never a truer word said has been said.

IMG_3011 So boys, enjoy the clip – plus a bonus clip of Josh having a sudsy bath from a scene from the first series of Galavant.