Remember the two wicked rascals who parodied Atomic Kitten’s Whole Again a while back (if you don’t, check THIS out, it’s hilarious!)? Well, they’re back and they’re naughtier than ever.

This time round, comic duo Queens Of Pop have got Celebrity Big Brother star Gemma Collins and her TOWIE mate Bobby Norris set firmly in their sights for one of their outrageous parody clips!

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 11.37.41

Inspired by the LMFAO hit Sexy And I Know It, the sharp-tongued duo have penned a very, VERY cheeky song called Size 20 And I Know It! And as you’d expect it’s wickedly hilarious, even if we do feel a wee bit bad for enjoying it as much as we do. We’re sure the fellas have done it all in the best possible taste, but we can’t help but wonder what the GC and Bobs think about this outrageous (and, dare we say, brilliant) funfest!

Check out their latest clip below or download the single from iTunes. To see more of their hilarious videos check out Queens Of Pop’s YouTube channel.

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