GuysLikeU favourite  Nico Tortorella has opened up about sobriety. In a beautifully written and inspiring post on Instagram, the star of The Following and Younger, marks a year since he gave up drinking

‘Today. Today is a very special day for me,’ he wrote. ‘Today I am one year sober from alcohol. Today I am home in my body. Today I am safe in my mind. Today alcohol will not hurt me. Today I will not hurt myself. Today I am free. Today I will not hide. Today I am truly vulnerable. Today if you or anyone you know is fighting addiction please stand up. Today be free. Today I am loved. Today I am brave. Today I love deeply. Today I am more the person I’ve always wanted to be. Today I am proud. Today I am me.’


when you go to cosmo and they ask to see the niconiconico tattoo. @cosmopolitan #niconiconico @heyguysheyphoto

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In lighter news, Nico recently unveiled the latest in his collection of tattoos ‘nico nico nico’ which is etched neatly, to quote him, ‘above my junk’. The tattoo, he reveals, is reference to a new a project he is working on.

‘Nico Nico Nico is this idea of a concept brand art project that I came up with early in the year,’ the 27-year-old actor too People magazine. ‘I got the tattoo, my brother and I started working on this film that kind of documented my life in a really art pop-y way. It’s all part of it. We filmed me getting the tattoo. You’ll hear more when it comes out later this year. Nico Nico Nico, stay tuned.’

But if you’re worried that he’s covering up that sexy lithe body with too many etchings, it sounds as though Nico may have had enough of going under the needle. ‘I’m always getting new tattoos,’ he admitted, ‘I probably need to stop at some point.’

Nico can currently be seen in the US show Younger.