In the latest of our Hot Fox On The Box series, meet gorgeous Tom Godding, a flying officer who appears on SKY’S docu-series Inside RAF Brize Norton.


On the episode screened this morning on Sky 2, the handsome chap talks about how aside from his main role of officer at the RAF, he is also one the team on hand to look after the families when fellow service men are killed.

As we watched him organise the repatriation centre for the grieving families to say goodbye to their loved ones, Tom explained the importance ensuring the family experience this sad moment in comfort. ‘Everything needs to be fine tuned, so that everything in is perfect for when the family arrive. Thats my job on the day. The ceremony itself is about 15 minutes long. It’s needed for the grieving process, it;s a big part of it, it’s the military’s way of recognising and appreciating the position we are putting everyone in who we are sending out to theatre.’

imageOkay, while we might be being a little superficial by celebrating the the delicious looks of this bona fide hero (but, hey, he is so damn hot!) but hopefully we are also reminding you all that there are some very brave men out there who are keeping us all safe. So bravo to Tom an his colleagues!