As fans of Dancing On Ice will know, we have barely had a glimpse of Sylvain Longchambon’s delish muscles all series. Which means we’ve had no gratuitous sights to see to warm us up throughout the chilly month of January.

But worry not. Muscle fans don’t get too sad, as there is another pro dancer on the show who is ready to take on the mantel of ‘Hunkiest Skater on Ice’ and give you a warm toasty feeling inside.

Step forward Dr Tom… Yes, he may look like a nice, young medic with a delightfully calm bedside manner, but once his white coat is whipped off, you’re in for a treat! Yes, beneath that shy exterior is a rippling body that will tickle your fancy until bedtime.

Need more proof? Then take a gander at him here, using his gorgeous wife – yes wife – as a way to build up those steely triceps.

Dr Tom joined the series at the start of the year and was partnered with Corrie’s Lisa George. Tom is married to Team USA and Team GB coach and professional skater Yebin Mok with whom he has a delightful son.

When’s he not dazzling audiences on ice, he can be found in hospital where he is a doctor and orthopaedic surgeon. He is also a team doctor for the hockey team Manchester Storm.

Now all we need is a routine where his shirt flies off. We will be watching….

Check out Dancing On Ice on Sunday to see if we see those pecs then! Swoon!