Say what you like about morning TV, but this week it’s been very good to us thirsty so-and-sos who love nothing more than to shamelessly eye up a hunk or two.

On Monday, the folks at This Morning introduced us to globe trotting spunk Jeremy Jauncey, who spent all his time stripped to the waist and basking in the sun.


Now Good Morning Britain have got in on the act and have tickled our fancies by parading one of the hunkiest fellas we’ve seen in a long while across their studio and whipping us in to a frenzy.

During one segment of the show, we watched Andi Peters lead some lucky big money competition winners around the studio, one of whom was an incredibly handsome fella who had won £70, 000 (so gorgeous, hunky and rich! Ping!)


Clad in a tight canary yellow jumper and towering over Andi, he cut a striking figure as he strode through the studio like a warrior.

Cannily aware of what viewers want, Andi encouraged the ridiculously buff beau to challenge presenter Ben Shephard to an arm wrestle, which our guy kindly let him win.

After a bit of research (thanks to Jen) we can reveal that the hunky chap is called Mike Wring, who is the founder of Three Sixty History, musician and model. Well, we’re hardly surprised. And from having a quick perve around his Insta it also – sadly – turns out the chap is loved up with a girlfriend. #LuckyBitch. Oh well, at least we can exercise out peepers by feasting on his online pics! Nice to meet you Mike!