There are so many pesky YouTubers clogging up the internet these days, that you can’t really choose one over the other. And most of them have nothing to say except what they ate for breakfast!

But one guy has really made his mark on us at GuysLikeU. Meet Chris Thompson, the host of the SupDaily06 channel. He’s everything you could want in a YouTube superstar. Handsome, yes; articulate, very much so; gay, er, sadly not. But that doesn’t matter.

What’s most amazing about this charismatic guy, is that he posts some of the most thought-provoking and eloquent vlogs about LGBT issues we have ever seen online.  Over the past few years he has spoken about all facets of sexuality with such clarity and passion that we have fallen slightly in love with him.

He is without a doubt one of the most important gay allies we have right now (not that he has been publicly recognised as this yet!) but most importantly of all speaks total SENSE and clearly wants to make people feel good about themselves! And he does, because after you listen to what he has to say , you actually come away feeling happier about yourself than you did before.

What a hero, eh? And in a world where most folks online only seem to care about their own fame and adulation, our Chris is a breath of sweet smelling fresh air!

If you haven’t seen him before, check out some of these videos below and see for yourself how powerful his clips actually are….

But not only is he one of the most interesting and most handsome guys we’ve seen, he’s also bloody talented too. Yes, the hunky devil also has a voice like an angel. God damn it! Could this man be ANY more perfect. Well, yes, it seems so. And here are some of his most amazing musical moments.

We’re going to lie down and watch some more of his vids!

Check out more of gorgeous Chris here