As you know, we always like to check in with the gorgeous and talented Steve Grand from time to time. But this week, we were in for a surprise.

Not only did he treat us to a saucy NAKED behind the scenes video clip of his recent BackAssWards Tee ad, he also posted a snapshot from his past that rocked us to our foundations. Why because, long before he was buff and beautiful, an 18-year old Steve boasted a mane of hair that made him look like a Tarzan wannabe.

#TBT Me on my 18th birthday. I think I cut all my hair off the very next day.

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And while his amazing face is already in place, those long locks certainly managed to disguise the perfection we know and love today. Clearly, Steve at the time thought the same thing as on his instagram post he reveals that the day after he took the pic, he cut all his hair off.

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Meanwhile, Look Away, Steve’s amazing duet with Eli Lieb is still available.

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