What the hell is happening to Olly Murs in this saucy looking shot from his new video? image

Well, as it turns out it’s not what you’re expecting. (God, if only! We’d be there in a flash!)

But if you wanna wash your eyes over more of the Mursmeister’s taut new body definitely check out the clip for his new single You Don’tKnow Love. It’s a sensation and looks super classy! In it, the hunky ex-X Factor host can be seen hanging out in his Las Vegas hotel room stripped to the waist thinking about a gal. What more could you ask for? Well, yes, we guess that!


Olly’s fab new song is something of a departure as it’s a lot more laid back than usual. But by golly, it’s one helluva corker. And the video – well, it’s a treat for the eyes too.