Frankie Bridge from The Saturdays teaches TV presenter Andy West some valuable celeb secrets!

Standing next to Frankie Bridge at 9am in Soho I felt like a pigeon next to a phoenix. Her skin was flawless, her teeth sparkling, her figure petite and all in sheer makeup and a cute “what this old thing?” girly dress. Me? I’m there waiting for an elderly bag lady to sing Feed The Birds. Homo pigeon?

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But Frankie is no princess. She laughed and joked her way through our chat, Messing around with my games and happily teasing herself over the tabloid obsession with the length, colour, style of her hair. “It’s really annoying” she said. Well annoying or not her follicles probably have their own agent now because all she’d need to do to break the Internet is wear an Alice band.


I asked her whether she was copying Victoria Beckham and her eyes lit up. “She’s never had a bad hair do! I once dreamed I met the Spice Girls and I genuinely belive it happened!” Well it was all over at that point. Meeting a fellow Spice fan is an intoxicating experience more thrilling than the ol’ 2 become 1. I couldn’t resist asking about the rumoured ‘GEM’ reunion with only Emma, Geri and Mel B as comeback Wannabes. Disaster right? Cue frantic hand waggling from Frankie’s press manager. Frankie gave me a cheeky look and bit her lip. “No comment”. I think we know what that means. But a FULL Spice reunion? “That would be amazing because I never got to see them when I was younger, I wasn’t allowed to go!”


Frankie is, of course, idolised by her own fans but she recently revealed her twitter troll woes in a Channel 5 documentary. I asked her about it, having had my own fair share of social media goblins. The singer rolled her eyes and revealed she’d struggled during pregnancy with people tweeting that she was fat! “People are just not nice I dint know why they do it. I just ignore them now. I’ve been called worse but…I’m never going to say.”

Frankie won’t let a few trolls get in her way though. She’s busy with her own young family and career. But what about The Saturdays? Last year there were rumours the band were coming back in 2016! “Really? They didn’t tell me. We’re not NOT coming back. It’s not necessarily happening now. We never split up – the option’s always there.”


Well maybe Frankie and VB could form a fashion/pop superbrand? Perhaps not a great idea…I mentioned David Beckham at the end of the interview and she joked “I wish I was doing David!”. Don’t let your idol hear that Frankie lol.

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