Cute Aussie reporter Nick Bond gets abused online by choice!

We’re all so familiar with nasty online trolls that you’d have be a total fool to set yourself up for abuse. But, believe it or not, there is actually a new website called Roast Me where everyday people can upload pics of themselves and wait to get abused by total strangers! Yes, really!

Cute Aussie reporter Nick Bond volunteered himself to join in the fun – in the interests of investigative, of course – and posted a pic of himself on the site and awaited the onslaught! . Speaking afterwards on Aussie TV show Studio 10, the dimpled dish explained that he had had a mixed bag of responses.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 08.09.54

‘The first comment, I thought I got off scott free, because they said I looked like Hugh Jackman’s gay brother! And I was like, “that’s how I’m gonna introduce myself at parties”.’  But then, Nick went on, the knives came out. ‘After that, there was one detailed one about how I looked like a pumpkin with a wig on it and there were a lot that said I looked like a skeezy teacher.’

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When asked if he was upset by the barrage of abuse, Nick explained that he actually enjoyed it: ‘It’s weird, I got a sick pleasure in constantly refreshing the page and finding out what people thought. There’s a lot of theories about how [on] social media, people are hungry attention, whether it’s good or bad. It wasn’t until I did it myself that I kind of realised why people like this. It’s the thing where none of us really know how we’re seen by other people. Our friends and family, we know that they love us. But when you walk into that room, you think, does everything see a nice normal person or are they all going “What’s with his nose?”‘ This site is an extreme version of finding out. It’s a little b ix skewed. It’s something you should do on a very good day when you’re feeling hot.’

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But if the abuse on the Roast Me site get s a little too tough to handle, there is an alternative site called Unroast Me where people have to say nice things. And if you like the look of Nick, he says that’s where you’ll find him for the foreseeable future: ‘I plan to spend my weekend on the Unroast Me website drinking a bottle of gin and begging for complements.’

WARNING: If you’re of a vulnerable nature, we would strongly suggest you steer well clear of this website!