Hair colourist Corey Watts reveals how he has achieved his stunning physique and opens up about why he’s done it.

We live a world where guys come in all shapes and sizes. Some lithe and lean, some bulging with muscles and some who are happy to embrace their soft curves. The good thing about having such a delicious variety of body types is that there’s a great mix of guys to suit all tastes. Result!

Corey Watts, 24, is a hair colourist from London who has a growing fanbase of Instagram followers. While he is clearly a chap who is no stranger to the gym, he is adamant that his work out regime is all about being happy and comfortable in his skin. Here Corey, takes us on a tour of his body and tells us how and why he’s achieved such an impressive physique.

Corey, you have an amazing body, we are most impressed. Is having a good body important to you?

Yes, my body is important to me, and working to better it is a big part of my life. It’s something I enjoy, and of course there are benefits to the results!

You must spend ages fine-tuning that bod! How much work do you put in?

I work out five times a week, taking two days to rest. My diet is very high in protein, carbs and healthy fats. I’m naturally very lean so a high calorie diet helps me to grow and maintain size. I use Creatine, BCAA’s and protein supplement shakes too, so there’s a lot involved in growing!

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You seem very comfortable showing off your body on Instagram. Do you like the attention?

Showing off hard work I put into it comes easily! Of course it’s nice to be complimented a lot too, but what I get out of working on my body is the way I personally feel about it, it’s my own goals that I’m working on.

Do negative comments upset you?

I’ve not really had anyone leave negative comments on my personal page, maybe a few shared elsewhere that get a few comments about being vain or conceited!

Have people who follow you on Instagram ever crossed the line and sent you obscene messages or come up to in real life and try it on?

Some people do send some graphic DM’s but I think that just comes with all social media!
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Have you always been as confident about your body?

I never liked being skinny, but I never had real issues with my body. I know a lot of people grow up with really negative thoughts about themselves but I only ever wanted to start training to look how I felt would make me happy. I like the work and dedication it involves, it comes with a sense of achievement and not just validation from others.

And you totally happy with your body now? 

It’s a work in progress, I’d like to be quite a bit more muscular, so that’s the goal. I used to be pretty small and found it hard to gain weight.

As a gay guy, do you feel there is a pressure to look a certain way?

I think there’s definitely a lot of pressure on men to look a certain way, what people think a man should look like. But I think everyone has insecurities about the way they look, and a lot of people feel they need to conform to these body images. I think we should all just strive for confidence and be comfortable with how we look, if that’s muscular then great, and if it isn’t that’s not wrong, we all have different tastes and ideas.

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What do friends and family and workmates think of your posts? 

They’re popular at work, and a colleague or two have enjoyed sharing them with a ladies party or two for fun. My parents have no issues with me posting topless photos, if I’m happy – they’re happy.

Awww, sweet! Why do you think it is that gay guys like showing off their body so much? 

We tend to work on our bodies a lot and body image is a big thing so we all like to show off our work. There’s definitely a big focus on body image in the gay world. I don’t think it’s an issue for people to work hard and take pride in the results.

Obviously body image is important to you – but are you creating a body to make YOU happy or to appeal to others?

I have a certain idea of how I’d like to look, and that’s what I’m working at. People are attracted to a lot of different things, and there are probably more than a few people who preferred me before I started to work out, and there are people who would love it if I gained a bit more weight! Everyone has different tastes, I’m working on how I would like to look and feel best.

You have a boyfriend, don’t you, who is also pretty fit – do you ever compete? 

I’m actually no longer with him, we broke up earlier this year. We were never competitive when it comes to fitness, we motivated each other to work hard, we worked out a lot. I even gave Crossfit a go, and almost died. I’m definitely not a Crossfitter at heart.

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What’s your favourite body part?

I’m pretty happy with my ass, but that was given to me through good genes! I also like my chest, that’s probably one of my strongest points in my body.

Which part are not happy with?

I’d like to grow my arms a lot more I think! I’m focusing on those now!

What body part do you think other men like in you? 

The ass gets more compliments than anything else! I think a lot of people might say I look better from behind. And I get a lot of comments about my chest too.

Ha, you look good from every angle. How vain would you say you were?

I guess I would say I am a little bit vain, I put effort into how I look but I’m not obsessive or overstyled! I’m happy to leave the house with a bit of clay in my hair and a scruffy beard!

Are you the kind of guy to wax or shave your chest to do embrace chest hair?

I’m not massively hairy so I embrace the chest hair – I’d actually like to have some more! There’s definitely more torso hair showing up as I’m getting older.


Do you manscape?

Er, I keep everything tidy where it should be, but no ‘plucked chicken looks’ going on.

What do you find attractive in a man’s body? 

My type is definitely the muscular, handsome and scruffy types! I like rugged guys who rough around the edges.

Do you believe in types?

I think a lot of us have certain tastes that we look for in other men, I just think they all differ in ways. A lot of people don’t need a guy to look a certain way or have a set look. If we find a person attractive, we find that individual attractive. But of course there are types, that’s where ‘bears, twinks, muscle etc.’ all come from.

Do you feel a pressure as a gay man to fit a certain category?

No, not at all. I’ve often been described as a mutt of sorts, somewhere between muscle, jock, scruffy. A bit of a mix!

How do you identify yourself?

I don’t know where I would put myself, I’m not quite at muscle status! I’m a bit scruffy, a bit muscular, bearded but not massively hairy so I’m an inbetweener of sorts! But I like it.

Have you ever worried about the size of your manhood?

No, I’m happy with what I’ve got, and nobody has ever complained!

When it comes to underwear what do you prefer? Boxers, briefs or nothing? 

Briefs, sexy and comfortable!

What grooming product can u not live without

Being in the hair industry, I could not live without my hair products – or my Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb

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