Okay, so up until yesterday, we’d never heard of NationalSendANudeDay, but now that we have, well, we couldn’t be happier. And thank you Mr Colton Haynes for alerting us to it with this deliciously dandy (and cheekily photoshopped) pic!

Happy #NationalSendaNudeDay everyone! LOL y'all r hilarious

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But although he seems to be enjoying the fun aspect of this getting-things-off-your-chest day, something appears to be bothering him. In a new Instagram post, the gorgeous actor gets something else of his chest, warning his fans of people who take advantage of others.

He wrote: ‘For those of you are new to Hollywood or any business…be careful who you work with. Watch out for liars, brainwashers and manipulators. Those who promise you the world and f*ck you over leaving you blinded sided. If and when this happens to you… I promise you will make it out alive. Take it from me… I knew it was happening the entire time and I’m doing so much better in life without that fake influence who projected negativity on me cause they were too afraid to own up to heir insecurities. Sorry for the realness…actually I’m not. I’m done apologising for things that I didn’t do.’

We’re not entirely sure what Colton is going on about but his words are very inspiring. And from the looks of it, the dashing actor, who recently came out, has found a new inner strength and confidence that has helped him move on from any disappointment or feelings of betrayal he has experienced. So bravo Colton, stay strong and thanks for those words of advice.

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