Pietro Boselli has – frustratingly – got it all. Good looks, great body and a brain, a rare combination indeed. And what’s even better, he seems to be very humble. Awww.

Now the model slash maths teacher has launched his own YouTube channel so that we, his ravenous fans, can keep up to date with what he’s up to.

In his first two clips  – which you can see below – the ridiculously hot chap invites us into his bedroom for a chit chat!   And what a lovely chap he seems too! Oh yes, he’s just the kind of guy you could quite happily hang out with.

He doesn’t say much in the first two clips, but he does hilariously respond to viewer comment that his room is too tidy by tossing is clothes all over his bed. Then tidying it up again! Lol!

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 09.50.26

We can’t wait for his next instalment! But a word of advice P – er, try one without your T-shirt so he looks like this…

Had the pleasure to meet @marianovivanco today! 💥📷

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