As you know by now we at GuysLikeU are massive fans of the gorgeous and tuneful balladeers Collabro. And it would seem from your thousands of responses that you guys love them just as much.

But we realise that we have been a bit naughty! Although we have happily featured stories on the beefy Richard Hadfield and Jamie Lambert, we have, so far, neglected gorgeous Michael Auger! Shame on us! Well, let us rectify that here and now!

This week, stunning Michael reminded us of what we were missing by posting this sudpersexy shirtless selfie online. And boy, what a handsome fella he is! Just look at that face, look at that toned bod? Sensational, right? But it would seem that Michael is still not happy with his physique just yet, writing in his post that he still has some work to do. But we beg to differ, mister. We think you look perfect as you are! But don’t worry, we’ll definitely keep a close eye on your progress.

So Collaboraters, keep checking in with GuysLikeU to see more gorgeous pics and interviews with the boys!