Sinitta is back, back, BACK with a brand new single so ridiculously camp you’ll forget about all your worries in a flash. Which is what we all need right now, in a world where terrorists reign and the tough times threaten to ruin what happiness we have left.


And thanks to legendary Sinitta (er kids, she was massive in the 80s and still lives strong in our hearts!), we have a chink of light to hold on to and make our loves feel a lot better just for at least three minutes.

No, we not joking or being sarky. We mean it. Snit’s dazzling hiNRG cover of Pebbles’ 80s R&B track Girlfriend, is so super duper and carefree that it really does manage to put a smile on your face, even if it is just the talky bit at the start where she offers this sage advice: ‘He did what? Fool! Please! Don’t cry baby! Put your heels on, girl! Let’s go!’ Now, that’s just the kind of essential advice every heartbroken guy needs to hear when their fella does the dirty! So please, do let us know if putting on your stilllies on a night out has helped ease the pain!

This will never get shortlisted for a Brit Award – which is a shame because this is more fun and memorable than a dreary James Bay dirge – but we haven’t heard a guilty pleasure song as sensational as this for quite a long time and are loving it long time.


The track comes in various mixes and is available on iTunes now. Or head to for info.