Gorgeous and very talented musician Steve Grand treated his fans to a delightful rendition of Mariah Carey’s Classic Chrimbo tune, All I Want For Christmas Is You! And we love it!

imageSpeaking on his YouTube channel he explained, ‘Last Thursday, I decided it was time I do something holiday oriented for you guys. Two days later, this song was recorded and the video was shot, all thanks to the very talented group of people I pulled together (John, Trevor, and song producer Nicholas)’

He added: ‘I thought it was a refreshing take on it, because everyone’s used to Mariah Carey’s version. Buble’s arrangement is a little different, and my arrangement is even different from his – especially the high notes.’

imageThe video, which was shot in a day, features Steve snogging a handsome ‘boyfriend’ while preparing for a gay ole Christmas! Awwww! We’re all gooey inside!