We were shocked this week when Instagram decided to remove Simon Dunn’s cheeky nude homage to Kim Kardashian while leaving the Kardashian’s equally explicit picture online. It got us thinking, why is the nude male body the cause of so much fear and debate. We spoke to actor Matthew Camp, who is no stranger to posting nude pictures himself, about why he likes to strip off and why he thinks people are so scared of the penis! 


What is it about showing off your body you like so much? What feeling do you get from it?

I like to be able to move unencumbered so being naked most definitely has its advantages.

When you were go-go dancing did that make you feel more confident about you body.

I wouldn’t say more confident. I mean, I don’t look at my self and think ‘oh jeez’. But to be honest, most of the time I just don’t care what other people think. I’m just happy within myself.

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That’s a leading question! I like to feel my body when it feels good, that’s why I push my self at the gym. If my body looks good that’s because I have a well balanced exercise regime.

Do you think people are too easily offended by nudity?

You know, I have found that people are offended about everything these days! Fuck them

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Why do you think nudity is seen as so unacceptable?

That’s a huge question… the short and the long .. I think some people have the need to feel important, so they judge others using artifacts that they themselves have picked up along their journey though cultural indoctrination.

Do you like to pose nude to cause a reaction?

Well I like being naked anyway but I have to admit that being nude does always give me a tickle.


We all know that men have a penis – why do you think showing a penis in photographs or in films is so taboo even in 2016?

I think until people are not ashamed of their own bodies showing a penis will always be taboo. But what’s the big deal? All guys have them. They’re a body part. Why should they be so offensive.

Do you think that one of your nude photographs is as beautiful as a painting featuring a nude man – is there a difference?

Ha, comparing art is like comparing people! It’s rude!

Have you got in trouble from social media outlets about your pics?

Of course, and they have removed certain pics. I don’t know what their problem is. It’s just a body, right? Would they censor a painting in an art gallery?

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Finally your pictures obviously appeal to your fans – what kind of reaction do you get when you post pics?

All kinds. Some people tell me they like what they see, others are more explicit in their appreciation. But I really like reading the comments because sometimes they are funny, so keep them coming.

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